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Buying YouTube views and subscribers

Until recently, users could make a call to action from YouTube
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Until recently, users could make a call to action from YouTube Annotations, but as of may 2017, YouTube excludes the ability to make annotations, since they also don't work on mobile devices. These have been replaced with new end-of-video editing features. The buy youtube views service allows you to buy subscribers and views as quickly as possible. Easy to use and on your phone, you can access them by logging in to the video Manager, Videos, End Screen and annotations. The End Screen button allows you to add various elements to create a call to action, such as a video and playlist, tracks (subscriptions), promotion of another channel, or links to the desired site.

Using seo optimization, you will see traffic exploding on your YouTube channel. If you want more views on this platform, then you've come to the right place. This requires patience and perseverance. Fortunately, looking at various tips for promoting YouTube, I found a solution. Right now, I decided to start some experiments that worked by driving traffic.

After applying some SEO strategies to videos, the number of views exploded. YouTube has long been infected with a certain habit: buying views. Some believe that there is a factor that contributes to clips with a large number of hits. A video displayed 1,000,000 times seems more plausible than one that only has 10,000. This is not necessarily the case.


  1. I have news for you: YouTube supports access quality, not quantity.  
  2. The quality of access is how much time a person spends watching a clip. When someone enters and sees only the first 10 seconds of your video, they send a signal to YouTube. YouTube interprets how your audience interacts with your video.
  3. A powerful indicator is the average viewing time. Let's say you have a clip displayed 100,000 times. The average duration of impressions is 10 seconds. 

The second video has just exceeded 10,000 views. Here, the average duration of impressions is 50 seconds. At first, I was desperate to get more views. I bought a package of 10,000 views. What's hard to explain is that out of 10,000 requests, we didn't get any interaction signal. In particular, my clip didn't get likes, comments, and the channel didn't get any subscribers.

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